Kayaking in the Little-Big Econ State Forest

Another fond Central Florida memory: paddling along the calm, sleepy waters of the Econlockhatchee River, in the Little-Big Econ State Forest–such a serene experience, and, depending on where you are staying, only 30-45 minutes outside of Orlando.

Our guide from Adventures In Florida was wonderful. We began our expedition at 8:30 am in the Forest. The kayaks were set up for us, so a short tutorial later for one complete kayaking novice (me), off we were, in the river, paddling away. 

Even though it was clearly not the height of the season, with many trees grey and brown, and wildlife, according to our guide, much more subdued than usual (we did see plenty of shore birds and a languid alligator, though!), I would highly recommend a January kayaking outing in Little-Big Econ. The morning was cool, the sky impeccably blue, with picturesque cotton-puff clouds, and the air, quiet and crisp. Was I still in Central Florida?

Resting by the river

We spent several hours on the river, with a short stop on a small island, for snacks, provided by our guide, and some rest. On our way back, we saw other boats (several with birdwatchers) and kayaks–the river becomes more populous in late morning and afternoon.

A cypress draped in Spanish moss

The guide was knowledgeable about local flora and fauna, and it was fun to discover the river with somebody who, clearly, loved it very much. I look forward to trying the Bioluminescence Paddle on my next summer trip to Orlando, when the river literally glows with life. The experience sounds unforgettable. Has anyone tried it? What was it like?

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6 thoughts on “Kayaking in the Little-Big Econ State Forest

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