Unexpected Orlando: Bok Tower Gardens

My memories of Gatorland, got me thinking about other off-the-beaten-path Orlando destinations. Bok Tower Gardens come instantly to mind. About an hour away from Orlando, this place is beautiful, magical even. My visit there deserves a story all of its own, but, as a preview, here are some tidbits from a January visit. Highlights: Wild southern groves, with Spanish moss floating romantically in the wind, as you listen to the wistful sounds of carillon bells, emanating from a tower that looks like something out of Tolkien (half-hour concerts are performed at 1 and 3 each afternoon). Swans, quite aggressive on closer encounter, glide in the pond, and all the world seems to be concentrated in THAT moment–and right.

Spanish moss in the wind–surreal, against the sounds of the singing tower

The singing tower of Bok Gardens

The tower, singing

Air plants, clinging

Approaching Bok Gardens, you are lost among fields and fields of orange trees, which must be seen to be believed:

As you explore the gardens, you get to “climb” one of Florida’s highest points–and the view, once you are actually standing there, feels quite breathtaking and significant:

A view from a Floridian mountain

I can only imagine how lush the gardens are in season. In January, meandering paths among still-asleep bushes and plants were charming. I cannot wait to see this place again.

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7 thoughts on “Unexpected Orlando: Bok Tower Gardens

    • Thank you! This means a lot coming from a local. The Gardens were beautiful at what was clearly low season, so I can only imagine how beautiful they are in the summer, and the tower music over it all is mesmerizing. I hope your husband gets to see it and enjoy it.

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