Overseeing the Horseshoe Bend

Our charmed morning among the labyrinths of Arizona’s breathtaking slot canyons behind us, we headed to Utah for our sunset destination: Bryce Canyon. Five miles Horseshoe Bend Overlook, on the edgessouth of Page, Arizona, though, a brief stop was in order–the Horseshoe Bend Overlook, a distinctly-shaped meander in the Colorado River, its waters, emerald-green against the bright-orange sandstone, flowing regally toward the Grand Canyon.

It is easy to miss the overlook sign from the road. The overlook itself is 3/4 of a mile of loose sand away from the parking lot, with a covered bench about half way. Specks of sand feel like tiny glass shards with every gust of wind (of which there were many), and they do get into absolutely everything, but the colors, the texture, the shapes, the larger-than-life view at the end of it all are well worth the inconvenience.

Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZI could spend hours climbing around the outlook–there is something magnetic, captivating about that place. The day rolled on, however, and so we battled our way back to the car and headed north, to southern Utah, more verdant than the glowing Mars scape of northern Arizona, and Bryce.

Utah rainbow

Utah greeted us with greenery and a rainbow

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12 thoughts on “Overseeing the Horseshoe Bend

  1. The light is just spectacular! So uplifting for those of us here in the UK, who are experiencing leaden skies right now. Thanks.

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    • I did too! In addition, the slabs of rock you are standing on could very well be unstable (you can’t see how narrow the “stem” of the rock is below you, so people are cautioned not to get too close to the edge). I don’t know how people get a picture of the entire horseshoe–this was the closest we dared to get.

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