A Walk in the Woods: Rijster Bosch, Netherlands

It was a grey, cold day. Fog settled in the morning and stayed, thick, milky, still. We drove to Gaasterland, the land of gentle hills, forests planted long ago, and sleepy towns in the southwestern part of Friesland, a province in northern Netherlands. My mother and stepfather like one of the forests there–Rijster Bosch (or Rijsterbos), a quiet, spellbinding place, especially in the fog.

Rijsterbos in fog, Netherlands The main path, soft with moss and withered leaves, leads all the way to the sea. We took a shortcut through the forest, centuries-old oaks and beeches whispering over our heads. In early fall and spring, the forest is one of the favorite stops for migratory birds. This late in the season, though, all is silent and subdued. With fog all around, I felt transported to a Tarkovsky film.

Rijster Bosch

A winding path eventually brought us to the edge of the forest. Rolling pastures lay beyond. Flocks of sheep lounged there, watching us intently and calling out to each other through the mist.

Sheep by Rijs, Netherlands

A hardy lunch, fresh and comfortable, at the Hotel Restaurant Jans, minutes away from Rijsterbos, warmed us up after the walk. This was a welcome dose of reality:  as much as I’d enjoyed getting lost in the forest, it felt good to rejoin humanity.

Hotel Restaurant Jans, Friesland

10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods: Rijster Bosch, Netherlands

  1. Beautiful use of the person in the foggy forest scene to add a dimension to it. I just keep looking at that picture and I can visualize myself staring at that scene. Without the person walking in it I don’t think it would be nearly as interesting of a shot.

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