The DC Rollergirls: DemonCats, Bombshells, and Girl-Power Fun

I enjoyed Whip It, Drew Barrymore’s movie about a Texas teen (Ellen Page!) who ran away to join the roller derby. The soundtrack is one of my favorite “get up NOW!” aides. So when my friend suggested we see the championship games of the DC Rollergirls, the Federal City’s “all-female, amateur, flat-track roller derby league,” we went. This isn’t the same type of roller derby as in the movie: There isn’t a special arena, but the energy, the tongue-in-cheek names (the Whip It heroine became “Babe Ruthless“), and the unabashed geyser of girl power were familiar. We LOVED it!

Preparing - Cherry Blossom Bombshells, DC Rollergirls

Frak's Dad at DC Rollergirls Championship gamePlaying were all four of the area teams: Cherry Blossom Bombshells, DC DemonCats (of the awesome logo), Majority Whips, and Scare Force One. The spectators were supportive and seemed to include many of the skaters’ family members: parents, grandparents, partners, siblings, friends, and lots of children–this is a family-friendly event. Here was a home crowd for everyone. Plus, cookies were sold to support the teams. The Rollergirls is a non-profit outfit, run entirely by the skaters themselves, so bring cash (the cookies are amazing).

DC Armory - falling apart

The venue: DC Armory. Not new.

My favorite support unit was for the Majority Whips skater “Frak You”: Both parents wore identifying shirts, and grandma came in team color.

Frak's family - DC Rollergirls Championship game

Derby names were fun: “Stabigail Adams,” “Queen Kamayhemayhem,” “Velocityraptor,” “Bruisehilda.” How cool are these women? Very.

Queen, DC Rollergirls

Names - Majority Whips, DC Rollergirls

Action was fast and often furious. My grasp of the rules remains tenuous, but explanatory reading material is provided, if one is so inclined. It was just as fun without it.

Saying Hello, DC Rollergirls Championship

Scare Force One vs. Cherry Blossom Bombshells: Saying Hello

Action, DC Rollergirls Championship The two games were rough and competitive, but, in the end, everybody won. Scare Force One just won by 100 more points.

DC Rollergirls Championship winnersThe coveted trophy was presented, and the elated spectators and teams headed home, just as the DC United fans began piling out of the RFK Stadium next door. Parking by DC Armory, the usual venue for the Rollergirls, is a nightmare for this reason. Choose metro and its Blue/Orange line stop “Stadium-Armory.” We foolishly didn’t. Still, even an hour of being stuck at the parking lot did not mar the day one bit. And, LOOK, the 2013 bouts are about to begin: The DC Rollergirls Schedule is online. Do go, these women really need a warehouse.

The trophy for DC Rollergirls, roller derby

Aptly captured: Sorry, DC Rollergirls official

10 thoughts on “The DC Rollergirls: DemonCats, Bombshells, and Girl-Power Fun

    • Thank you! It was so much fun to be there–and I enjoyed the sense of community. I will check on the semi-pro hockey team front. Everything here seems to be dominated by our pro team, the Capitals. Thank you, as always, for stopping by.

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