Spring on The High Line

An an oasis of wildflowers, suspended over the buzz and industry of Chelsea and its meatpacking district, The High Line is my New York City favorite. A mile of abandoned freight rails transformed into a garden path of native blooms, urban art, and peaceful nooks, it is a public space extraordinaire, enchanting even in early spring, when all is quiet, and life just begins to assert itself.

A bush blooms on The High Line, New York City

Use an online guide, a map,  or simply let your eyes–and nose–lead you between the park’s two boundaries: 30th West St. and Gansevoort.

This High Line - a place for a picnic

Don’t miss the views–by no means idyllic, but eclectic and energizing indeed.

Chelsea streets, from The High Line

A cacophony of trucks (there is still meat being packed in the meatpacking district), taxis, and other traffic, tourist and local

Chelsea cityscape, The High Line, NYC

A Chelsea cityscape

The Empire State Building from The High Line

THE Empire State Building, cloaked in spring fog

Chelsea, View from The High Line

A jumble of art galleries,restaurants, shops, and warehouses

We got hungry around 14th Street and so descended to the ant-house that is the Chelsea Market.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed–not by the variety of options available, but the newly-scrubbed feel of it, despite the “gritty industrial” features peeking out here and there.

Chelsea Market, New York City

Chelsea Market, NYC

Still, coffee was delicious, and food, warm.

Chelsea Market coffee house

Recharged and reanimated, off we went. Back to The High Line and the views of the grey, still waters of the Hudson beyond.

Grey Hudson, view from The High Line

The Hudson sleeps

15 thoughts on “Spring on The High Line

      • Thanks! I tried to figure it out and couldn’t . When I look at my posts in mobile format it just has the like button, share and comments. But at the end of your posts in my mobile, it has the FB like and then what I like even better is the little pictures that go with each post (recent post, popular post) that you can click on. Maybe it is your theme too? Anyway….if you know that is great but don’t worry if it is hard to figure out. 🙂 Nicole

    • I am glad! I love that so many of the plants are native wildflowers, and the landscaping is imaginative. It is a pleasure to be there. I haven’t been there at the height of summer yet–apparently, it gets crowded (I am not surprised! There were so many great places to sit and relax there).

    • I will go there again later this season, when more things bloom. Even it its semi-dormant state, this was a pleasant walk. I loved the look of all the awakening plants peeking through old railroad tracks. Thank you for stopping by!

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  2. The Highline is one of my favorite spots in the city. And many others’ fave, as judged by the crowds on a nice summery day! Did you happen to see the bird “condos” halfway along? I think they’re a modern art installment, but the sparrows act like it’s the hippest new nest address in NYC. 🙂

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