Farewell, Cherry Blossoms

They budded, they bloomed, they floated to the ground. Here’s what the Tidal Basin looks like covered in a snowfall of petals, a charming farewell.

Tidal Basin alley with fallen cherry blossoms, Washington, DC

My two favorite benches, near the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial

Walking by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, fallen cherry blossoms, Washington DC

The FDR memorial in petals

Statues at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial, cherry blossoms, Washington DC

George Segal’s Depression Breadline sculpture at the FDR memorial (the memorial is a series of “rooms,” each one representing a different part of Roosevelt’s three presidential terms)

Tidal Basin's alley in cherry blossoms, Washington, DC

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Wisteria season (late April):

Waterlilies and lotus blooms (June/July):

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9 thoughts on “Farewell, Cherry Blossoms

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    • Thank you, Charlie. That sculpture is also one of my favorites at the FDR memorial–it is certainly the most memorable one. This was a whirlwind week for the cherry blossoms in DC. Until next year… Now, I am ready for the azaleas and dogwoods!

  3. I haven’t seen the cherry blossoms in years, but when I lived in DC, I remember that it was always sad to see them go. But I was also glad because it signaled the start of warmer weather. We’ve just gone through a transition on St. Simons as well. The azaleas are pretty much gone, and it seems like we went from spring straight to summer. Oh well … life in the deep south. ~James

    • No azaleas in sight for now. Last week, we did get one day of 90F temperatures, complete with the usual DC humidity–that was a little bit of a shock. Still. Summer brings its bright flowers too. Enjoy your warm weather!

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