My Garden, in Spring Color

And just like that, at long last, my gardening season begins in earnest. I love the newness of it all: Everything is crisp, fresh, and, for the moment, somewhat in order. Each day, I begin with my spring color survey. Here’s this week’s palette.

My greens: 

A frond of maidenhair fern in spring

A frond of maidenhair fern, unfurling

Buds on prickly pear in spring

A prickly pear, sprouting

Paw paw blooms are green in spring

Paw paw blooms, green at first


Maroon paw paw blooms

As blossoms open, paw paw lights up in deep, velvety maroon

Apple buds in April

Apple buds, getting ready

Maroon tulip preparing to bloom

A tulip, survivor of the squirrels’ war on bulbs

Purples and blues:

Lilac blooms in spring

A fragrant puff of lilacs

Wisteria bud

A long, soft wisteria bud

Wisteria bloom up close

Wisteria, in bloom

A blaze of yellows: 

Yellow mahonia blooming in April

Mahonia blooms

All of it framed with white: 

White azalea blossom fully open

First azalea blooms

Blueberry blooms

Porcelain bells of blueberry blossoms

Phlox divaricata, Swan Lake

A new native addition to my spring garden: Woodland phlox or Wild Sweet William (Phlox divaricata)

Next week, the trillium will bloom.

Trillium bud

One of my treasured trilliums, still being shy

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