Our Backyard Weekend: The Hatchlings!

This was the perfect gardening weekend. We decided to stay close to home, and a good thing too: Our first hatchlings of the season just made their debut.

First, we spotted a mourning dove nest in the front yard, so flimsy, precarious, and low to the ground that every time I pass by, I have to fight the urge to fortify it. The parents are watchful and protective. With some luck, this may yet succeed [Note from a week later: It did not succeed. A cat got to the nest and must have eaten one of the hatchlings. I found the second one still alive. The parents abandoned the nest, sadly. I was glad to learn that wildlife rehabilitators in Virginia take in these orphaned birds and help them survive: http://wildlifecenter.org/rescue-advice].

Dove nest with eggs

Mourning dove in her nestYesterday afternoon, the first baby dove hatched, and his sibling appeared in the morning. This is the first time I see mourning doves this young–so tiny, and fuzzy, and blind.

Mourning dove hatchling

Two mourning dove hatchlings

Two mourning dove hatchlings Then, after lunch, we spotted a robin’s nest. It is in the large holly bush in the back yard. That holly is a perpetual contested territory between mockingbirds and robins. This year, the robins won.

Robin feeding her young

Robin with her two babies in her nestChickadees, catbirds, and cardinals, all paired up, seem to be constantly around and preoccupied as well. We haven’t spotted their nests yet. Until we do, the chipmunks are entertaining enough. IF you can spot them, that is. One blink–and they are gone.

Chipmunk, running

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12 thoughts on “Our Backyard Weekend: The Hatchlings!

  1. How in the world do you get those photos? Amazing.

    We have a nest under the eaves of our deck. Came out yesterday to a broken egg on the ground, but mom is still sitting in there so there must be more.

    • Sadly, a cat got the mourning dove’s nest this morning. I found one of the hatchlings still alive and undamaged. It’s good to know that wildlife rehabilitators pick up orphaned birds and do all they can to make them strong enough to rejoin the wild. I dropped off the little guy at the VCA emergency animal clinic. Keeping fingers crossed that it will survive.

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