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A Walk in the Woods:  Rijster Bosch, Netherlands

A Walk in the Woods: Rijster Bosch, Netherlands

It was a grey, cold day. Fog settled in the morning and stayed, thick, milky, still. We drove to Gaasterland, the land of gentle hills, forests planted long ago, and sleepy towns in the southwestern part of Friesland, a province in northern Netherlands. My mother and stepfather like one of the forests there–Rijster Bosch (or Rijsterbos), a quiet, spellbinding … Continue reading

Strolling in the Hague

Strolling in the Hague

I often think of that day — I was visiting my mother in the Netherlands, and it was cold and grey. Our wanderings seemed to fall perfectly into place. We spent an afternoon in the Hague, my first time there. Mom had three highlights in mind, so the afternoon arranged itself comfortably around them: The Binnenhof, home … Continue reading