One Lovely Blog Award: Thank you!

one-lovely-blog-award logoI am very grateful to be nominated for One Lovely Blog Award by two bloggers whose posts I enjoy very much: thisfloridalife, full of great insider tips for all the best central Florida has to offer from a native who loves the place, and joytourandtravel, a tour company’s treasury of travel advice that’s bound to inspire bouts of serious wanderlust. Thank you!

There are rules: (1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (2) List seven random things about yourself. (3) Nominate 15 other lovely blogs.

bee balms (monarda dydima) in bloom

Bee balms!

Seven random things: (1) I love the smell of ripe, just-picked raspberries–it takes me back to the endless summer days at my grandparents’ country house. (2) My native language is Russian, but it is not the language of my ancestors. (3) I have always been indifferent toward sweets. (4) The crazy-awake shape of crimson bee balm flowers makes me happy. (5) I grew up 2,200 feet above sea level and, at a gut level, feel slightly lost in flat, open places. (6) I am increasingly uneasy with heights–a new development. (7) My favorite travelogue is I Wonder as I Wander by Langston Hughes, describing his travels in the 1930s Russia, Soviet Central Asia, segregated American South, Cuba, Haiti, Japan, China, and Spain (during its civil war)–his experiences were breathtaking, and he captured them beautifully, bringing an open mind, curiosity, and his own background.

My lovely 15: In my three WordPress months, I’ve been grateful for lovely momentary escapes through these wonderful blogs:

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