Travel Theme: Pink

It is almost time. It may snow next week, but — no matter. The trees are waking up, the earth sighs with its first blooms, the birds are looking for mates. Spring is about to burst. And in DC, spring means Pink, like Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, the pink of the cherry blossoms.

My cherry blossoms season has three parts, each gratefully savored.

First, the anticipation: Waiting for Cherry Blossoms. We watch for buds. We count the days. We imagine how it will all be this year.

Then, an explosion — The Three-Day Glory of the Cherry Blossom,” fleeting and invariably breathtaking. All of DC blooms, but the Tidal Basin is the undisputed crown jewel. For several remarkable days, we walk among fragrant clouds.

But, one blink, and the petals fall, perhaps my favorite stage in this cycle. Crowds lift. We stroll along pink petal paths: Farewell, Cherry Blossoms.

For more pink travel theme entries, see Where’s My Backpack.

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3 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Pink

  1. Those are gorgeous photos, particularly the second one. I’m so ready for spring that they awakened an even stronger longing for it, one that will have to wait, as we expecting some (possible) snow again tomorrow night here in the Chicago area.


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